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Texas grower finds Joker tillage tool saves time on field

Daryl Wynn is saving money on tillage — and doing it better and faster than ever at Booker, Texas, high in the northeast Panhandle right along the Oklahoma border.

He is using Horsch Anderson’s Joker tillage tool with its high-speed compact disk technology. Wynn first saw the Joker demonstrated at an Amarillo farm show.

“I liked the way it looked,” he says. “I do a lot of no-till and minimum-tillage farming. ”Later, he saw a video made in the Dakotas of the Joker in the field.

“I could see it would work in Texas too — work for me,” he recalls. So he got a Joker for his operation.

Key Points

Texas Panhandle grower tills faster, more efficiently with Joker tillage tool.

Joker’s high-speed compact disk technology is big part of efficiency.

Corn, wheat and milo producer says tillage tool pays for itself.

It has fit like a glove for his irrigated corn, irrigated wheat, dryland corn and milo.

The 20-inch offset notched disks are compact and aggressive. The special disks play a key role in residue management, finely chopping the residue, instead of just rolling over it like smooth disks often do. The Joker’s disks both grind and shred the residue, mulching anything in its path.

“It really chops up my cornstalks well, so the stubble isn’t too heavy for my planter,” Wynn reports. “Just one pass to chop them; then I can plant.”

Fast in field

The notched disks can rotate quicker, meaning the Joker can be pulled more efficiently and faster.

Most tillage systems run at about 6 mph in the field. The Joker typically runs at 10 mph or faster.

“I go 10 to 12 mph and like to till about 3 inches deep,” Wynn says. “With a 25-foot swath, I can easily cover 200 acres per day.”

Since Wynn himself pretty much does all the tillage, he’s got a lot of ground to cover.

With its iDepth Cab-Based Depth Control, Wynn can dictate his tillage depth directly from his cab. A simple mounting monitor lets him calibrate and set depth on the go. The system uses an internal sensor in the hydraulic cylinder so there are no external linkages to adjust or calibrate. This saves time.

To the finish

The Joker’s Roll-Flex Finishing System as part of both the RT and MT Series is one of its impressive tillage features. By rolling over the top of the freshly tilled field, the Roll-Flex Finishing System can operate faster. Its flexible steel rings help provide more surface area and an even distribution of weight to move more efficiently. This helps with the soil surface.

“The packing wheels in the back are one of its great features,” says Wynn. “Oh man, it makes a great seedbed.”

The Joker also has a maintenance-free rubber suspension and maintenance-free, oil-filled bearings.

Time is money to Wynn.

“It’s paying for itself in both time and maintenance,” Wynn says. “It will work for anybody; it’s a good tool. I will sell my other disk, because this is all I need now.”

With some nice rains in the northeast Panhandle this season, he’s optimistic for both wheat and corn.

You can learn more by contacting Horsch Anderson in Andover, S.D., at 605-
298-5663 or online at or


GET GOING: Horsch Anderson’s Joker tillage tool with its high-speed compact disk technology can run about twice the speed of conventional disk tillage and more efficiently when paired to an appropriate tractor.

This article published in the June, 2012 edition of THE FARMER-STOCKMAN.

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