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Take down more weeds

Farm shows aren’t just about huge machinery. Companies also debut new herbicides and other products that could help you do a better job next spring. Here are options for new herbicides, or ways to make existing programs work better.


Impact joins Roundup Rewards Plus program

AMVAC’s Impact herbicide is by no means a new offering. However, Amvac recently struck an agreement with Monsanto to include Impact within the Roundup Rewards Plus program.

The rewards program guidelines call for 22 ounces of either Roundup PowerMAX or Roundup WeatherMAX tank mixed with ¾ ounce of Impact.

Total cost for this herbicide program should run $15 per acre. The rewards program rebate comes out to $3.50 per acre.

Call Amvac in Los Angeles at 888-GO-AMVAC (462-6822), or visit


Valent rolls out pre herbicide

As weeds become tougher to control, many are looking for residual control from preemergence herbicides. Next spring, Valent will roll out a new offering called Fierce for use prior to soybean planting. Fierce has two active ingredients: flumioxazin and pyroxsulfone. Flumioxazin is a PPO inhibitor, while pyroxsulfone is a very-long-chain fatty-acid inhibitor. Pricing information is not yet available. Fierce is still pending regulatory approval.

Call Valent, Walnut Creek, Calif., at 800-6-VALENT (682-5368), or visit


SideQuest saddle tank bulks up

Demco recently added another 200 gallons of capacity to its SideQuest saddle tank. That’s 100 more gallons on each side, for a total of 1,200 gallons.

The SideQuest mounts to the tractor with 10-bolt hubs, distributing 75% of the weight to the rear for an easy ride. When wheels are on 120-inch centers, the SideQuest has a transport width of 16 feet, 11 inches. A ladder can be added for easy access.

The SideQuest’s suggested retail price is $17,500. Call Demco, Boyden, Iowa, at 800-543-3626, or visit

This article published in the December, 2011 edition of INDIANA PRAIRIE FARMER.

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