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Spray products that help kill weeds

Suppose you simply pull your sprayer out every year and tune everything up but the nozzles? How long before those nozzles are worn and aren’t dispensing herbicide spray accurately?

Industry sources say it’s a lot sooner than you think. New products for sprayers can help you do a better job of weed control if you utilize them, plus replace nozzles more often, experts say. Here are some products that might help your sprayer perform better.

TeeJet offers midsize valves

TeeJet has a new ball valve platform suited for smaller sprayers or sprayers with more sections. The 430 Series is available as a two-way valve with standard on-off control, a three-way valve to maintain consistent spraying pressure under all conditions, and a flow-back model to provide instant shutoff, thereby cutting waste and protecting waterways and other nonspray areas. A gang of five valves has a suggested list price of $1,000 for the two-way, $1,100 for the three-way and $1,350 for the flow-back model. Call 630-665-5000, or visit


Find plugged valves quickly

What would it be worth to step out of the cab and turn the sprayer on to observe each nozzle’s spray pattern? Do it with the Checkmate wireless remote. Get a good look at nozzle patterns. Shut the sprayer on and off without getting in and out of the cab. Hooked up, ready to go, it lists at about $1,000. Contact KZValve, Greenwood, Neb., at 800-2888-1112, or visit


Ceramic Nozzles made to last

The C-Spray folks claim their ceramic nozzles last longer than both stainless-steel and plastic nozzles. They’re available in various configurations. The company’s biggest problem is convincing farmers that changing worn nozzles regularly is an important management practice. Contact C-Spray, Colorado Springs, Colo., at 740-802-3317, or visit


2 spray patterns from each tip

TeeJet offers a new air-induction TwinJet nozzle to provide two, 110-degree flat spray patterns from each tip. The nozzle gives excellent drift control with coarse to very coarse droplets. TeeJet says the TwinJet is best suited for postemergence applications and gives increased canopy penetration. Six flow rates are available. Call 630-665-5000, or visit


This article published in the December, 2010 edition of INDIANA PRAIRIE FARMER.

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