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Rapid-fire bidding of 175 bulls at Bradley 3 Ranch sale

The spring 2010 Bradley 3 Ranch sale sold 175 bulls for a powerful average of $4,412. The top-notch Angus bulls were thick and sound, and offered calving ease backed by generations of known performance.

Cattlemen and women from Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Florida, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Tennessee filled the stands at the Memphis, Texas, headquarters or bid via Superior Livestock with some of Texas’ most historical ranches and the nation’s largest commercial cattle operations represented.

Although a bull sale, the auction actually began by selling a good horse, as a 4-year-old gelding by Playing Stylish was trained and offered by ranch foreman Robert Hodge. World Champion Roper Roy Cooper bid $12,000 to buy the gelding.

In a quick bull sale, TR Land and Cattle bid $14,000 to own a half-interest in the top-selling bull. B3R Replicate U019, a son of the famed 203 Bradley donor cow and full brother to the Bradley herd sire N117, had posted impressive yearling performance: 5.12 pounds average daily gain, a 16.7-inch rib-eye area, 5.87 IMF, or intramuscular fat, and a 1.20 rib-eye per cwt.

TR Land and Cattle also took home the second-highest selling bull, Lot 24. One-half interest in B3R Arrival U129 sold for $9,000. Touted as the stoutest bull ever to sell at Bradley 3 Ranch, the Arrival bull posted a 16.3 rib-eye area, 5.92 IMF, and had weaned at 68.4% of his dam’s body weight.

Lynn Cowden of Skellytown, Texas, bought several outstanding Angus bulls that included the next two high sellers.

This article published in the April, 2010 edition of THE FARMER-STOCKMAN.

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