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These products bag and store

Specialized equipment got a good look from editors at this year’s fall farm shows. If you prefer bagging as a method of storage, then some products displayed at these shows could be of interest.

Check out the equipment. Then contact the company for more details.

Brandt Products introduces grain bag loader/unloader to its lineup

Brandt Agricultural Products Limited now has a grain bag loader and unloader in its product lineup. The loader fills 10-foot bags at a rate of 26,000 bushels per hour. An 8-by-8-foot hopper can be loaded from either side or both sides simultaneously. The unloader removes grain from a 10-foot-diameter bag at rate of 8,500 bushels per hour. Suggested list prices: loader, $26,000; unloader, $38,000. Call Brandt Agricultural Products, Regina, Saskatchewan, at 866-427-2638, or visit


Unload 12,000 bushels per hour

A 60-horsepower tractor is all that’s needed to extract 12,000 bushels of grain per hour from 9- or 10-foot diameter bags using the new Richiger EA-350 unloader. New patent-pending features increase operating capacity significantly without the need for extra power. Simple-to-operate flow controls and three levers handle all the hydraulic functions. One person can run the unloader. Suggested list price: $33,400. Call Show Me Shortline Co., Centralia, Mo., at 573-682-5514, or visit


Need more bin space? Bag it.

The Grain Bag Loader, or GBL, from Loftness offers a solution to dry grain storage needs that doesn’t involve anything with a roof. The GBL works with corn, wheat, rice, soybeans, milo, just about any grain. It’s equipped with an electric lift, a bag tray controlled with a hand winch and automotive disc brakes, and a hand wheel. Fast, easy setup and operation are the GBL’s hallmarks. Suggested list price is $47,000. Call Loftness, Hector, Minn., 800-828-7624, or visit


This article published in the December, 2010 edition of INDIANA PRAIRIE FARMER.

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