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New option gets seed to planter quickly

Small seed bags gave way to big sacks. The big sacks are giving way to boxes and bulk handling. All the while, companies that make equipment for moving seed to the field are watching and looking for better ways to do the same job.

Editors found these new entries into the market at the fall farm shows. If you haven’t updated your seed handling methods recently, these products are worth a look.

Bulk box tender carries 4 seed boxes

Carry four 50-unit seed boxes on Unverferth’s new Model 400 Bulk Box Seed Tender. The undercarriage features heavy-duty steel construction, rubber- cushioned suspension and tandem axles with electric brakes. Dual unloading chutes feed the conveyor from a central point. The steeply sloped funnels are designed for fast and complete unloading. A cupped and cleated belt carries seed at speeds up to 12 bushels per hour. A heavy-duty steel hinge with spring-loaded locks securely fastens the bulk boxes to the trailer. Suggested list price: $22,390. Call Unverferth Manufacturing Co., Kalida, Ohio, at 800-322-6301, or go online to


Tender provides dual compartments

The Seed Express 375BWT is designed for the farmer who uses bulk seed bags or loads bulk seed from a conditioning plant. Dual compartments have a bulk holding capacity of 300 bushels. A cleated belt conveyor unloads seed quickly without damaging the seed. An electronic scale system can be added to the tender. Suggested list price: $27,670. Call Meridian Manufacturing Group, Storm Lake, Iowa, at 712-732-1780, or visit


Optional scales track seed weight

Get up to four seed boxes to the field quickly and know how much you’re planting with the SC22A seed caddy from Azland Industries. It features an auger with the ability to move into different positions, plus optional scales. The company also offers a variety of fuel tenders. The seed box model pictured with deluxe scales lists at $18,375. Without scales, list is $15,125. Contact Azland Inc., West Lafayette, Ind., at 765-429-6200, or visit


Low-profile bulk tender is safer

The new low-profile bulk seed tender from Clarks Ag Supply is only 6 feet, 11 inches tall, making it safer and easier to work around than many traditional bulk seed tenders. The trailer is available in 300-bushel and 200-bushel-capacity gooseneck and 100-bushel-capacity bumper-hitch models. Skid models are also available. As an option, an electronic scale can be added to the tender. Suggested list price: $22,900 (300-bushel model without the scale). Call Clarks Ag Supply, Clarks, Neb., at 866-246-2588, or visit


This article published in the December, 2010 edition of INDIANA PRAIRIE FARMER.

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