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New alfalfa varieties matched to field conditions

Pioneer Hi-Bred is providing high-quality alfalfa varieties to help growers match alfalfa to field conditions.

New alfalfa varieties from Pioneer, a DuPont business, offer growers more choices to meet individual needs. This includes three new Pioneer brand alfalfa varieties with the Genuity Roundup Ready gene, adding to Pioneer’s extensive variety lineup.

Pioneer recently advanced varieties through the Roundup Ready trait for planting this spring with 54VR03 (RR), 53VR03 (RR) and 58R51 (RR), all stemming from the recent approval of Roundup Ready alfalfa for the U.S. market.

Key Points

Three new alfalfa varieties are brought to the market by Pioneer.

Genuity Roundup Ready trait adds to Pioneer’s extensive lineup.

Pioneer varieties help meet specific disease, insect and weed problems.

“Pioneer offers growers in all alfalfa-growing regions a number of varieties to meet their specific disease or insect challenges,” says Robin Newell, Pioneer marketing manager for forages. “Growers can choose from varieties with the Roundup Ready trait or conventional varieties including high-yielding, non-lodging or winterhardy options."

In addition to the 2011 advancements, Pioneer also offers two other options for spring planting in 54R01 (RR) and 54R02 (RR).

Roundup Ready trait

Pioneer alfalfa varieties with the Roundup Ready trait include the following characteristics:

54R01 (RR), broadly adapted variety, has high forage quality, including a resistance to Aphanomyces race 1, anthracnoise, phytophthora root rot, verticillium wilt and fusarium wilt. It also is resistant to northern root rot nematode and stem nematode.

54R02 (RR), a broadly adapted variety, has a high yield and a broad disease package, including resistance to Aphanomyces race 1, anthracnose, phytophthora root rot, verticillium wilt and fusarium wilt. It also is resistant to spotted and pea aphids.

54VR03 (RR), adapted to Western alfalfa-growing environments, has a strong defensive package with resistance to anthracnose, phytophthora root rot, Aphanomyces race 1 and pea aphid.

53VR03 (RR) is a northern-adapted variety. This winterhardy variety is paired with a strong defensive package and has resistance to Aphanomyces race 1, anthracnose, phytophthora root rot, verticillium wilt and fusarium wilt.

58R51 (RR) is a non-dormant option for the Southwest; this variety is resistant to spotted aphid, phytopthora root rot, stem nematode and blue aphid.

No one size fits all

“Alfalfa is no longer a one-size-fits-all crop,” Newell says. “Pioneer has a long tradition of providing its customers the broadest package of choices to fit their individual needs and help their bottom line. Adding the Roundup Ready technology to Pioneer alfalfa varieties adds yet another choice to our already extensive lineup.”

The Roundup Ready trait enables growers to control grass and broadleaf weeds with a single glyphosate herbicide application for simplified, cost-effective weed control, while maintaining crop and feed safety, including cleaner, higher-quality hay.

You can learn more about Pioneer brand alfalfa varieties by going online and visiting or contacting your local Pioneer professional.

This article published in the May, 2011 edition of THE FARMER-STOCKMAN.

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