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Make windrows right size for baler

The secret to making good hay is curing it correctly, then forming windrows that allow even feed into the baler. You need good tools that won’t knock off too many valuable leaves, yet make windrows of the right size and shape for good baling.

That’s where these new tools come in. Some are part of the large introduction of new equipment by New Holland for 2010. All these tools are worth a look. Check out the company websites to learn more details.

Rake wheels get complete upgrade

One glance at New Holland’s H5980 and folks will instantly realize something’s changed. That’s because the heavy-duty rake’s wheels have been completely redesigned. The new design lasts longer. Plus, it can handle wet hay with ease. Fully extended, the H5980 will cover up to 30 feet in one pass. The H5980 is available in one model, with 18 rakes, and retails for $35,000. Contact New Holland, New Holland, Pa., at 866-NEW-HLND (866-639-4563) or visit


A wheel rake designed for light duty

The H5920 is New Holland’s latest entry in the wheel rake market. The new model, which can be equipped with eight to 12 rakes, is designed for the casual user. With 12 rakes, the operator can cover a 25-foot swath. The low-profile cart makes it easier to transport and store. The H5920, with 10 rakes, retails for $6,400. Contact New Holland, New Holland, Pa., at 866-NEW-HLND (866-639-4563) or


New mergers go gentler on hay

With the H5400 series, New Holland has officially entered the windrow merger market. Previously, the company sold a windrow inverter, which performed the same function. According to a sales rep, the new merger is gentler on hay. Three new models (H5410, H5420, H5430) are offered in 9-foot and 12-foot pickup widths and require only a 70-hp tractor. Extensions can be added to merge up to 18 feet. The H5430 retails for $37,000. Contact New Holland, New Holland, Pa., at 866-NEW-HLND (866-639-4563) or


Rhino unveiled two new models of crop-driven wheel rakes recently, the SW10 and SW12. Both implements feature a high-clearance frame and angled tongue for high crop clearance, and are easily adjustable for windrow width for changing conditions. An optional hydraulic adjustment kit is available for windrow adjustments from the cab. Both models allow right- or left-hand raking and fold for narrow transport width. The SW10 lists for $7,500 and the SW12 for $8,500. For more information on the Swift Rakes, visit, or call 877-408-3297 in Gibson City, Ill.


This article published in the June, 2010 edition of INDIANA PRAIRIE FARMER.

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