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A low-cost storage solution

Storage space for equipment was at a premium for John Epperson, Hanover.

He discovered a low-cost solution that accomplishes his goals. He erected a long, hoop building with a canvas-like cover. The main costs are posts for the sides, metal supports for the hoop, and the covering itself. You also need some sort of base, preferably either gravel or concrete. Most opt for gravel unless they’re considering storing grain.

“My goal was to keep rain off my combine and the sun off the rest of my equipment,” Epperson says. “We’ve been able to do that with this building. We built it for a fraction of the cost it would have required to get that many square feet in a metal, pole-barn-type building.”

The estimated life of the cover on Epperson’s building is 15 years. That’s fairly standard within the industry. Once a cover is worn-out, it can be removed, and a new cover can be installed over the hoop-frame structure.


Cover choices: Several commercial companies offer covers for hoop buildings.

This article published in the August, 2010 edition of INDIANA PRAIRIE FARMER.

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