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Limagrain to release rust-resistant variety

Limagrain Cereal Seeds, the new kid on the block in U.S. wheat research, has announced its first release, LCS Mint. LCS Mint is now in foundation seed production and will be available in the fall of 2012 as certified seed.

Marla Hall, an LCS hard red winter wheat breeder, played host to more than 25 seed dealers at a wheat field day at LCS Trio Research Station in Wichita at the end of May. She unveiled the new variety, which is resistant to the new strain of stripe rust that hit so many fields this year.

“LCS Mint fits well in an intensively managed wheat production environment,” Hall told the dealers. “The whole LCS range line, including the excellent yielder T158 as well as T154 and T163, all exhibit resistance to the new stripe-rust strain, showing a horizontal resistance to the pathogen, meaning they develop a mild form of the infection that does not spread,” Hall said.

Key Points

Limagrain Cereal Seeds announces a new variety of wheat.

LCS Mint will be available for planting this fall.

New variety, and lines of Trio varieties, are resistant to a new strain of rust.

Hall said more than 60% of this year’s wheat crop in Kansas was planted in varieties susceptible to stripe rust. LCS Mint could vastly impact yields in the state, she said, and it offers wheat farmers an option to plant a resistant variety.

According to Hall, a lot of farmers are looking for wheat varieties that are resistant to everything, especially the stripe-rust pathogen, pointing to a need overall for disease-resistant wheat varieties. Others are looking for high-yielding varieties that can be intensely managed under irrigation.

“Our research programs are devoted to producing superior varieties that help farmers overcome the challenges they face from disease and drought, ensuring the highest yields possible,” said Frank Curtis, LCS executive vice president and chief operations officer.

“We have assembled a crack team of breeders and distributors who are committed to producing varieties that help farmers profit under all conditions,” Curtis said.


NEW VARIETY: Limagrain Cereal Seeds distributors learned at a field day at the Wichita research station in May that the company will have a new rust-resistant wheat variety available for planting this fall.

This article published in the August, 2012 edition of WESTERN FARMER-STOCKMAN.

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