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Innovations for strip tillers


‘Swirls’ handle heavy ground

Strip tilling in heavy ground isn’t always a picnic. Dawn has added simple plastic ‘swirls’ to its line to attach to the rear units that pass over the row area. The units are said to work better than the originals in heavy ground, but still do the job. They’re so new they’re not yet named or priced! Contact Dawn Equipment Co., Sycamore, Ill., at 800-554-0007 or


More strip-till options available

The Gladiator strip-till rig from Krause is now available in a variety of configurations. Opt for 6-, 8- or 12-row, three-point, mounted versions, or go bigger with pull-type machines. Twelve-, 16- and even 24-row pull-type models are available. Price varies depending upon width. Contact Krause Corp., Hutchinson, Kan., at 620-663-6161 or

This article published in the November, 2010 edition of INDIANA PRAIRIE FARMER.

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