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Compatibility key to Yetter’s bar kit

Yetter recently designed its 2995 Bar Kit to fit front-folding John Deere, White and Case planters, a move aimed at keeping the company’s attachment line on the minds of large growers.

The compatibility bar kits are easy to install, and their addition will not interfere with planter operation, say Yetter engineers. The 2995 Bar Kit allows the use of Yetter coulters in precision fertilizer placement and in no- and minimum-till conditions. The compatible 2995 coulters are available with CAD-tip rear knife or spring injection for liquid or dry fertilizer placement.

For more information, call 800-447-5777, or go online to

SureSeal Cable stops corrosion, water intrusion

Southwire’s new SureSeal direct-bury cable contains channels of a visco-elastic sealant that flows into insulation breaks to prevent water intrusion and corrosion found after rodent damage, shovel nicks and other abrasions.

SureSeal is available in a number of gauges of aluminum power cable and is available from Paige Electric at 800-997-2443, or go to www.paige

Miller creates a 40-foot extension

Miller Electric has unveiled a rugged, lightweight wire feeder that increases the welding reach of several of its Millermatic MIG welders an additional 40 feet. The feeder also is capable of dual feed operation to cut the time spent in switching wire spools.

What Miller calls Auto-Gun Detect immediately recalls voltage and wire feed settings from the active gun to ensure continuous consistency in dual-wire use. This allows the operator to use either the unit’s regular gun or the one connected to the Reach Wire Feeder and not have to adjust the machine.

For more information on the feeder or other Miller products, visit www.miller


RETROFIT KITS: Yetter Manufacturing Co. has introduced its 2995 Bar Kits to help fit its coulters to forward-fold planters from Deere, White and Case.


SELF-SEALING CABLE: Shovel nicks, rodent bites and other abrasions don’t faze this underground cable, since its insulation carries an RTV-like substance that automatically seals small breaks in the insulation and protects subterranean power lines.


THE LONG ARM: Millermatic Reach Wire Feeder gets you to the other end of the trailer project, or a bit higher on the ladder, plus it allows dual feeding capabilities to go longer without switching spools.

This article published in the February, 2010 edition of MICHIGAN FARMER.

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