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5 seed-buying tips

Mike Gartner, Gartner Seed Farm, Mandan, N.D., has five seed buying tips:

Buy certified seed. It pays.

Buy the right variety for your farm. Varieties are site-specific. “If someone calls and asks me which variety is doing best on my farm, I tell them it doesn’t matter. How does it do on your farm and your neighbors’ farms?” Check local trials in your area.

Buy legal seed. You have to have a label to protect yourself from allegations that you have purchased brown-bagged seed.

Be aware of the genetic background of the seed you are buying. Brand A and brand B from different companies might actually be the same variety.

Never plant a new variety on the whole farm. It takes about three years of commercial production to understand how a new variety performs under many different conditions.

This article published in the November, 2011 edition of DAKOTA FARMER.

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