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2 efficient ways to move grain

Perhaps your grain moving equipment is tired or outdated. Companies constantly come up with new ways for you to invest in making it easier and faster to move grain.

Here’s what the editors uncovered at farm shows this fall. See which of these options for moving grain might make your operation more efficient.


A 1,325-bushel grain cart

The latest Parker grain cart has a capacity of approximately 1,325 bushels and has a 22-inch-diameter vertical auger with a self-locking system to eliminate grain leaks. All surfaces are powder-coated and covered with a high-gloss paint. Silicone-sealed seams offer additional resistance to corrosion. The hopper is constructed of 12-gauge steel for durability and strength. Suggested list price: $66,500. Call Alliance Product Group, Kalida, Ohio, at 419-532-2585 or visit


Auger is taller and longer

Need the grain cart discharge auger to be a few more feet taller and longer? The new 1020XR Brandt grain cart has what may be the industry’s greatest unloading vertical clearance and horizontal reach at 218 inches and 133 inches, respectively. A 20-inch auger unloads the cart at a rate of 500 bushels per minute. Positioned in the corner of the tank, the auger is easy to see from the tractor seat. Suggested retail price: $56,000. Call Brandt Agricultural Products, Regina, Saskatchewan, at 866-427-2638 or visit

This article published in the November, 2010 edition of INDIANA PRAIRIE FARMER.

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