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New sprayers for 2011

Today it’s not your father’s world when it comes to herbicides. Getting the right amount of product in the right amount of carrier on the target weed makes the difference between success and failure.

Thee new sprayers that debuted recently have features which will likely appeal to you. See which ones might best fit the way you spray today.

Longer, stronger booms from Fast

Fast Sprayers has redesigned and extended its booms out to 120 feet and 132 feet on its 9500T Series towable sprayers. The new design is stronger and rides more nicely, Fast says. The 9500T with 120-foot booms has a suggested price of $70,000; with 132-foot booms, it’s $75,000. Call 800-772-9279, or visit

Apache sprayers provide more efficient spraying

The new AS1020 and AS1220 Apache sprayers for 2011 are even more efficient and comfortable than 2010 models. The new ZF Power Shift, six-speed transmission with lockup torque converter puts more horsepower to the ground than before. Cabs boast a 12% increase in overall floor space and a 9% reduction in noise. New wraparound glass gives the operator better top views. There’s a full buddy seat; bigger, better positioned cab entry doors; a larger catwalk; and a new axle that’s adjustable between 140 and 160 inches. Suggested list prices: AS1020, $175,000; and AS1220, $195,000. Call Equipment Technologies, Mooresville, Ind., at 800-861-2142, or visit

Green, stainless tanks available

Fast Sprayers now has inboard stainless-steel tanks for Deere and also Caterpillar track tractors. Powder-coating finish should give them a long life, and the 950- to 1,100-gallon capacity can do double duty for starter fertilizer or crop spraying applications. The tanks also have stainless-steel agitation plumbing on the inside. They carry a suggested price of $18,000. Call 800-772-9279, or visit

This article published in the January, 2011 edition of INDIANA PRAIRIE FARMER.

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