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Welcome to the Dateline Drought News and Information Roundup page. Ready for 2013? You can start looking forward to 2013, and your post-drought strategy with our special free report. While some areas are getting relief, others still see parched ground. The articles below are looking ahead to the new crop year, and don't forget to check out or daily video regularly.
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5 Post-Drought Strategies For A Better 2013

Farmers weathering 2012 are learning plenty about crop insurance to seed genetics as parched conditions reshape farm business across the country. Consider our 5-part approach to moving ahead after the toughest drought since the 1930s.

From Farm Futures
Heavy Rains Pose To Ease Long-Term Drought
As rainy May closes out, precipitation tallies show signs of easing U.S. Drought.
Drought Task Force: Climate Change Not To Blame
Drought Monitor Reflects Few Improvements
Storms, Rain Lend A Little Drought Relief
From Drought To Flood, The Mississippi Take Ag On Wild Ride
Wet Weather Pushes Back Drought
Percent of Land Area In Drought Edges Up Slightly
USDA Announces Grants To Build Drought Resilience Strategies
Heavy Snow Welcome In the Midwest
Study Looks At Heat Tolerance In Corn
Midwest Drought Receding
Drought Areas Hope Winter Storm Provides Some Relief
Drought-Withered Hay Supplies Are A Major Issue
'Flash Drought' Of 2012 To Continue Into 2013
2012 Drought Aftermath: How State Corn Yields Fared
Drought Of 2012 Shaters Weather Records
Drought Hammered 2012 Corn Crops, But Rebound May Be Ahead
Drought Shakes Up Farm Balance Sheets
Wildlife Habitats Attempt Drought Recovery
Researchers Attempt To Develop Drought Schedule
Study Shows Drought Limited Soy Protein Content
Drought Hanging Tough: Good Planning Still Helps
Drought Forces Cargill Beef Plant Closure
Livestock Producers Get Income Tax Relief After Drought
Drought Drives 2012 Weather Memories
Drought Potential Sparks Uncertainty in 2013 Corn Yields, Prices
Ag Machinery Industry Overcomes 2012 Drought
Despite Drought, Corn Quality Prevails
Drought-Driven Commodity, Food Prices Force Industry Change
Hard-Hitting Drought Won't Take A Break
Drought Conjures Ideas For Aging U.S. Locks And Dams
Outlook Improving For Hog Producers
Wheat Quality Slips Again
Reap Your Precision Data
U.S. Sees Some Rain, But Not Enough In The Plains
Despite Drought, Food Inflation Steady in September
Seed Prices Headed Up in 2013
Corn Harvest is Ahead of Schedule
Drought Ushers October Out
Sandy Adds Insult To Drought Damaged Land, Livestock Operations
Effects of Drought Not Going Away Soon
Corn Harvest Winds Up
NRCS Program Focuses on Soil Quality in the Midst of Drought
Corn Harvest Well Ahead of Schedule
USDA Kicks Off Drought Response Meetings
Drought Has Toll On Farmers' Mental Health
Corn Harvest Rocks On
Plant Nutrition Institute Offers Nutrient Tips For Drought Year
Drought Holds Steady
Global Grain Production Up Despite Drought
Pricey Feed and Feedlot Losses Restrict August Placements
Drought Increases Risk of Machinery Fires
USDA Plans Long-Term Drought Response

From American Agriculturist
Northeast Crop Progress: Weather Extremes Dominate
Northeast weather extremes - too much rain, then too little may cut top-end corn and soybean yields.
Roll Up Good, Cheap Cattle Feed
Truck in Fire Ants on Hay or Straw?
When to Take Your Last Alfalfa Cutting
Will Herbicide Carryover Hurt Fall-seeded Cover Crops?
Maximize Energy Production from Grain Crops
Hay Could Reach $400 to $500 a Ton
Drought-busted? 13 Cattle Relief Strategies to Try
Moves To Make On Drought-Damaged Crops

Despite Drought, Northeast Still May be Crop Garden Spot
Check Drought-stressed Ears For Corn Yield Potential
Worsening Drought May Push Fuel Prices Higher Earlier

Will Your Corn Yields Dodge The Hot Bullet?
Cattle Deaths Linked to Drought

From Beef Producer
CattleFax Analysts Predict Milder Drought And Tough Profit Margins
Weather worries still in forecast, plus high input costs, penny-pinching consumers and volatile markets.
False Stories About Corn Nitrates Could Kill Cattle
Is Ammoniation of Low-Quality Forages a Good Option?
Hay Feed Cost Can Be Substantially Reduced
This Drought Different from Last Year's
Lower Financial Risk by Drought-Proofing Your Ranch

From California Farmer
Patterns Behind Heat Wave Identified

EarthRisk Technologies, San Diego, identifies key patterns for record-breaking Midwest/East temperatures.

From Carolina-Virginia Farmer

Grazing Cornstalks Can Reduce Winter Feed Costs
Corn crop residue provides good nutrition at a 'price is right' cost.

Have Corn Tested for Aflatoxin
Virginia Crop Production, Yield, Paint Mixed Picture for 2012
Company Offers Web-Based Drought Management Tools
Moisture Graces Cotton Belt; Creates Planting Challenges For Some
Weather Can Take Crops Either Way In South Carolina

From Dakota Farmer

Drought May Ease
Equal chances of normal rainfall forcast for South Dakota for April and May.
S.D. CRP Hay Donations Top 200 Tons
Drought Outlook: Good News, Bad News
Drought Brings Beef Breeding Problems
Drought Likely To Persist In Dakotas
N.D. Drought Disaster List Grows
S.D. Ethanol Plants Hanging in There
Drought Drives Need for Soil Sampling
Soybeans Too Dry?
NRCS Eases Highly Erodible Land Rules
S.D. Issues Warning: Test Corn, DDGs And Silage For Aflatoxin
Drought Worse than Dust Bowl Years for some in S.D.
USDA Adds More Counties in Dakotas to Disaster List
Save Money on Fertilizer, Seed Next Year
Plant a Cover Crop in a Drought? You Bet
Adjust Combines for Drought-Stressed Soybeans
Three Mycotoxins That Can Make Pigs Sick
Ear Molds In Corn Possible This Year
Early Soil Sampling OK - Sort Of
Where to Get Quick Nitrate Test
Sulfate Concentrations Growing in Stock Dams

Nine Forage Nitrate Testing Tips

From Indiana Prairie Farmer

Farmers To Plant Higher Populations Despite Drought
Surprising survey results show many think 30,000 plants was right for last year.
Time to Clarify Comments About Summer Weather
Souped-Up Corn Stalk Illustrates Drought Defying Capabilities
Forecasters Predict Wet Spring
Ask Your Seedsman About Leaf Rolling Trait
Rain Reporting Based on Radar Could be on Hold
Post-Drought Comments on Crop Insurance May Surprise Some
Warmer Climates Don't Change Nitrogen Levels
Dry Conditions Continue in Western Corn Belt
How to Understand a Weather Forecast
Variable Rate Fertilizer Application Could Pay Off
Why You See Strips of Corn Left in the Field
This was a Tough Year for Corn Mazes Too!
Here's One Farmer Who Won't Cut Back on Population
Soybean Yields All Over the Board
Cover Crops Suck Up Nitrogen as Expected
Better Soils Boost Yield on Crop Watch '12 Field
New Recommendations for Drying Aflatoxin Corn
Website Offers Help if you have Moldy Corn
Plenty of Heat Units During Growing Season
Bloodbath Continues for Hog, Dairy Producers
Future for Livestock Businesses May Rest Upon Their Financial Position
You May Be Able To Cut Fertilizer Rates After Poor Crops
Cover Crops Go Out In Different Ways.
Dairy Group Issues Warning About Aflatoxin
Old Tile Lines May Need Replacing
Some Tile Lines Start to Run
Capturing Unused Nitrogen is Serious Business
Where will the Nitrogen Go this Year?
Embattled Corn Ear Gives Up the Fight
Aflatoxin Scare Picks up Steam in Indiana
Tips for Handling Corn that may Contain Aflatoxin

From Kansas Farmer
Even In Drought, Ark River Experiences Increased 'Traffic'
Ark, Kansas and Missouri Rivers 'between high water marks' are public domain; Thanks to drought, Ark is now popular with motorcylists, ATV riders.
Drought Brings Rising Interest In Sorghum
Drought Has Had A Heavy Impact On Winter Wheat In Western Kansas
Drought, Lack Of Snow Increase Wheat Winterkill Risk
Drought Survival Tips From A Beef Producer
It's No Drought Breaker, But At Least It Rained
Heavy Snow Welcome Moisture In Drought-Parched Kansas
Drought Presentations Downright Depressing
New Biggest Worry As Drought Drags On Is Supple Of Water
Scattered Rain Helps; Drought Still Concern For Lake Levels
Despite Drought, Kansas Corn Growers Post Impressive Yields
Kansas Leaders Plan 2013 Drought Response
Alfalfa Expo to Cover Drought Effects, Contract Harvesting
Farmland Values Stay Strong in Spite of Record Drought
Test May Show Low K in Drought-Stricken Soils, but Residue Helps
Sorghum Has Its Advantages
TWI Goes Beyond Crop Insurance For 2012 Drought
Drought Deepens Again; 63% of Kansas in Exceptional Drought
Diverse Grasslands Tolerate Drought Well
Brownback Urges Limited Irrigation Insurance Optio n
All 105 Kansas Counties In Drought Emergency

From Michigan Farmer

Climate, Weather and Farming: What is History Telling Us?
Watching the weather and determining how to manage day-to-day operations is both an art and science for successful farmers.
Using Oilseed Radish to Extend the Grazing Season
Cost of Renovating Hay or Pasture Fields in Northern Michigan
Save a Horse by Feeding Cornstalk Bales to Cattle
Feeding Corn Stalks on Dairy Farms: Lactacting Cows
Harvest: Michigan Finds Little Aflatoxin in Corn
Reports in on Michigan Wheat, Oats and Barley
Corn Farmers Wary Of Aflatoxin Levels
Consider Oats to Fulfill Cover Crop Needs
Pay Close Attention to Reducing Soybean Harvest Losses This Fall
Too Dry, Too Wet, a Bad Combo for Bean Growers
Michigan August Crop Production Report Shows Most Crops Down
Optimism Well Isn't Dry Just Yet
Harvesting Drought-Stressed Soybeans for Forage
Drought Packs Punch On Protein Sector; Feed Prices Destined To Climb
Drought Pasture Management: During and After

From Mid-South Farmer

Tax Relief For Drought-Stricken Cattlemen
Drought-stricken cattlemen may get a little extra time to report income sales in 2012
Drought, Feed Costs Influence Livestock Markets In 2013
Ark. Soybean Yield Challenge
Forage Withering In Winter
Hay Does Well in Mississippi
Drought Leaves the Need to Rebuild Cattle Herds
Plan to Soil Test After Drought
Drought Shirvels up in Arkansas
Getting a Stand with Forages
Drought Hits Horse Owners
Cattle Deaths Due to Toxic Forage
Backed Up on the Mississippi
Drought-Damaged Corn Risky Business
Webinar: How Drought Affects Legal, Policy Realms
Prayer for Drought
Hay Load Limits Waived in Louisiana
Beware Nitrate Toxicity in Summer Hay

From Missouri Ruralist

Drought Taking Toll On Corn
Drought conditions hurt late planted corn in north Missouri.
Rain, Snow Bring Drought Relief
High Corn Prices Cut Into Beef Profits
Crops Plans if Drought Persists
Drought Year Brings Record Heat
During Drought, Deep Roots are Critical
Beef Cattle Water Problems
Concerns Over Protein in Cattle Diets
In Aftermath of Drought, Feed Testing Controls Costs
Hay Quality Affects Future Calving Success
Caution When Using Drought Related Data
Crop Insurance Pays Off
Quality Grazing Supplements Low-Quality Hay
Hog Producers Discuss Drought Issues
Funds for Drought Recovery
Drought Expands Hay Market List
Prices Offset Losses, Raise 2013 Farm Income
Low-Yielding Soybeans Still Have Value
USDA Survey Shows Cash Rents Rise in 2012
Drought Can Cause Vitamin A Deficiencies In Cattle
Use Caution When Feeding Corn
Mississippi River Mayors Band Together Over River's Future and Sustainability
Cattle Die from Prussic Acid Poisoning
Despite Rain, Harvest Crop
Surviving Drought

From Nebraska Farmer
Tree Planting And Maintenance Tips For Drought Years
Weed fabric, mulch and drip irrigation are some of the practices to insure survival.
Wausa Farmers Detail the Positive Aspects of Grazing Cornstalks
Cow-Calf College is Another Seminar Focusing on Drought
Ranchers, Range Specialists Will Lead Drought Webinar Series
Drought is Major Issue During Ranching for Profitability Meetings
Expect More Impacts as Nebraska Drought Rolls into Second Year
Impact of Drought on Forages Will Linger Beyond 2013
Grass Consultant: Write a Drought Plan Now
Dutcher: Don't Expect Snowfall to Reverse Drought
UNL Offers Special Session on Winter Drought Management Tips
Emergency Haying And Grazing Could Affect Habitat
Don't Overlook Value of Retaining Corn Stover on Fields
Farmers Should Look for On-Farm Research Opportunities This Fall
Cover Crops are Good Erosion Prevention Tool
How Much Should You Charge for Cornstalk Grazing?
Vilsack Seeks Cooperation Among Agencies to Provide Drought Drought Assistance
Nebraska 2012 Wheat Production Smallest In 10 Years
Ag Groups Encourage Corn Growers, Ranchers To Hook Up On Stover Grazing
Soil Testing Critical After a Drought Year
Some Soil Moisture Recharge Has Occurred, But Will it be Enough?
Soybean Residues Another Forage Source in Dry Year
Take Extra Care When Storing Drought-Stressed Corn
Don't Believe Coffee Shop Talk about Nitrates

From Ohio Farmer
Group Says Extreme Weather Signals Global Warming
Extreme weather map shows 3,527 U.S. monthly weather records were shattered in 2012 including Ohio's 75 record-breaking events.
Supplement Poor Quality Forages
Get Ready for Extreme Weather
Drought Haunts Grain Market
Harvest Corn Crop Faces Storm Damage
Warming Climate No Boost for Soil Nutrients
Drought Raises Concerns About Herbicide Carryover
Drought Shrinks Apple Pickings
Drought Conditions No Reason to Till
Farmers Should Attack Fall Weeds
Farmers Should Put Field Fodder To Use
Know Potential Risk Of Wheat After Corn
Drought Raises Concerns for Livestock Poisoning
Farmers Need to Protect Harvest
Not All Corn Ear Mold Produced Aflatoxin
Farmers Find Little Incentive to Store Grain
Drought-Stressed Farmers Must Think Outside-the-box

From Prairie Farmer

Despite Drought, 1st Farm Cred Finishes The Year In Good Shape
The financial co-op reports $94.3 million in net income and more than $752.1 million in total member equity despite the drought.
Soil Sample Project Finds a Lot of Leftover N Still in the Field
Drought Could Impede River Shipments of Grain, Fertilizer
Potassium Could be Tied Up in Crop Residue
Further Corn Rationing Needed for 2012 Crop
Herbicide Carryover Could Post Big Problems for Wheat Growers
Nitrogen Application Could be a Tricky Proposition This Year
Silage Can Still Be An Excellent Source of Energy for Cattle
GSI Has Tips for Storing Corn to Prevent Mold from Spreading
Cattle Producers Reduce Herd Size
Accurately Assessing Nutrient Loss in a Drought Year can be Tricky
Don't Kid Yourself, The Drought Has Created Herbicide Carryover Risk
Lot of Drought-Caused Variables to Consider This Off Season
Get a Handle on Drought's Impact on Nutrient Removal
Trend-Line Yields: '12 Drought Could be Better than '88 Drought
U of I Has Tips for Storing Corn with Aflatoxin

From Southern Farmer

Drought Wildcard Looms Over 2013 Farm Economy
Crop-related drought expenses expected to average 10% higher in 2013.
Georgia Drought Currently Worse than Commonly Thought
Tennessee Drought Money Now Available for Farmers
Livestock Producers Should be Aware of Aflatoxin in Corn Grain, Silage
Southeast's Winter Weather to be Wildly Variable
Kentucky Receives Waiver to Mix Aflatoxin-Contaminated Corn
Soybean Green Stem Syndrome Complicates Kentucky Harvest
Non-Killing Frost Could Bring Cyanide Poisoning To Livestock
Grazing Corn Stalks Can Reduce Winter Feed Costs
Is El Nino Returning to Georgia
Isaac Brings Rainy Relief to Kentucky Farms
Isaac Could Add Insult to Damaged Kentucky Corn
Livestock Producers Need Record 2013 Corn Crop
How to Best Defoliate Drought-stressed Cotton
Kentucky Farmers Persevere Through Drought
Kentucky Tobacco Basks in Timely Rainy Relief

From The Farmer
Drought Conditions Strain Minnesota Water Resources
State Department of Natural Resources urges conservation among everyone - from farmers to city folks.
State Row Crop Production Strong Despite Dryness
Dryness, Wind Provide Prime Conditions for Fire
Farmers Can Take Steps to Help Avoid Fall Harvest Fires
Areas of Concern during Dry Harvest Period
Check Moisture and Nitrates in Corn
The Weird Weather Of Summer 2012
Dealing with Minnesota's Drought

Tips For Pork Producers To Beat Summer Heat

From The Farmer-Stockman

Recent Rains Have Helped But Drought Still Continues
Southwestern Oklahoma and nearby Texas counties are revived, but depend on additional rains.
Livestock Leasing Can Work In Drought Year
Winter Water Level Measurements Underway
Winter Wheat Crop in Texas at Risk
Texas Drought Recovery is Mixed Bag
South Texas Growers Should be Mindful of Irrigation Methods
UK Pork Group Launches 'Save Our Bacon' Campaign
Beef Producers Should Restock Herds Slowly
Texas Drought Lingers, Out-of-State Hay Required Again
Drought Might Ease in Two Months for Texas
Producer 'Decision Time' for Cattle Restocking
August Heat Leaves Texas Thirsty for Rain
Ranch Management University Will Tackle Herd Rebuilding
Drought, Demand Determine Markets
Winter Pastures Could Save Hay if Drought Persists

From Wallaces Farmer

After Drought, Wet Spring Has Changed Amount Of Nitrate In Soil
With wet conditions in part of the Corn Belt this spring and a decrease in carryover nitrate, consider applying near-normal nitrogen rates for corn.
Drought Likely To Keep Its Grip On Iowa Through May Anyway
Lingering Drought Sparks Uncertainty For 2013
Drought Effects Linger, Iowa November Rainfall Half Normal Amount
Serious Drought Lingers, 2013 Could be Another Dry Year
Drought Threatens Mississippi River Navigation
Final Harvest Prices Announced for 2012 Crop Insurance
Drought-Related Feed Management & Planning for Iowa Cattlemen
Herbicide Carryover is a Concern for 2013
Should You Do any Tillage at all This Fall?
How Drought Cut Corn, Soybean Yields in 2012
Drought Drives Farm Program Changes
What do Farmers Think About Climate Change?
Iowa Livestock Feeders Need To Watch Nitrate, Aflatoxin Levels
Grants Available To Help Farmers Adapt To Drought
Drought Hangover To Continue
Fall Drought Continues, Threatens Next Year's Yields
Fall Management Tips for Drought-Stressed Forages
Farmers Question Wisdom of Planting Cover Crops this Fall
Drought Increases Mold and Dust in Grain

From Western Farmer-Stockman
Colorado Holds Drought Summits as New Year Threat Grows
Sessions will help growers deal with continued dry weather.
Climate Change Increases Stress, Need for Grazed Land Restoration
Dry Montana Conditions May Lead To Nutrient Problems in 2013
Northwest FC Sees Mixed Drought Dynamics Outlook
'Unique' Focus for Livestock Drought Management Workshop
Drought Relief Offered Throughout the West
Montana, North Dakota USDA Disaster Program Triggers Loans
Wyoming Extension Urges Testing for High Nitrates During Drought
Idaho Sets October Seminars to Help Cattlemen Cut Winter Feed Costs
Emergency Grazing on CRP Extended Through November

From Wisconsin Agriculturist

The Lingering Drought
Arkansas producers digging deep into their pockets to keep cattle in hay.
Extension Climatologist Optimistic Drought Will End Soon In Wisconsin
Drought Prompts Patronage Payout To Badgerland Financial Members
Drought Prompts Patronage Payout To Badgerland Financial MembDrought Poses Mental Health Problems for Farmers

Feed Treated Corn Stover to Beef and Dairy CattleSell Grain at Harvest this Fall, Purdue University Specialists AdviseLessons Learned From The Drought Farmers Scramble to Find More Feed