• Paula Mohr

    Kudos to U-M plant breeding grad students

    Northstar Notes

     by Paula Mohr
     on April 1, 2015

    As I skimmed emails last week, I came across information about a plant breeding symposium at the University of Minnesota. I read the agenda and checked my calendar. I was free that day, Friday, March 27, so I decided to go. Two things intrigued me about the meeting, entitled 'Breeding Crops for Alternative Systems and Environments': the symposium's theme and the fact that the whole day was planned and handled by a 12-member applied plant science graduate student planning…

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  • Josh Flint

    You've got to try this popcorn

    Prairie Gleanings

     by Josh Flint
     on March 2, 2015

    As a Corn Belt ag journalist, you’ll occasionally get a freebie from the field. One of the most common is sweet corn – delicious! But, every so often, a farmer will give you a bag of homegrown popcorn. Until lately, I’ve always filed that gift away in the back of the pantry. I’ll be honest; the only popcorn I’ve ever made is the microwave variety. That changed last week. I reached for a bag of my favorite microwave popcorn (Pop Secret HomeStyle) and came up…

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  • Lon Tonneson

    Firmer Market For Sugar

    Inside Dakota Ag

     by Lon Tonneson
     on October 9, 2014

    I like to keep up with the sugar market. After all, all my neighbors grow sugarbeets. They’re in the middle of the sugarbeet harvest, or “campaign” as they like to call it. There goes another of their trucks down the highway past our place. Hear the growl of the semi and the rumble of the trailer? I’m sure sugar growers are wondering what their beets will be worth this year. Prices used to be sky high. Everybody wanted to grow beets. Last year, prices crashed when…

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