Yes, I'm Opinionated!

Nor' east Thinkin'

We should all have opinions on how Uncle Sam runs things!

Published on: October 25, 2010

My editorial column in October's issue, "Dear Uncle Sam: Wake up – now!" drew a strong reaction from a gentleman in Michigan. And I admit, I'm pleased that my opinion aroused his sentiments and spurred him to write his opinion of my opinion.

Yes, there was a bias in my comments. Whenever there is opinion, there is a bias – mine, yours, everyone's. That's the nature of opinion. We must be thankful we can still express it.

Biased as they were, my thoughts reflect the concerns of a fast-growing body of the American public. To reiterate, "Most of us still believe in self-determination, hard work and the values of our founding fathers. We want that for our children, too."

He did bring my attention to a wrong choice of words – "return to century-old congressional protocol." That's probably what triggered his response. I really meant "return to the forthrightness and intent of our founding fathers."

My "want list" was merely a starting point. You can only cram so many words onto a quarter-page. But we must start bringing our federal government under control. No one can dispute that.

We must not get involved in sniping over poor choices of words, and pass by the critical importance of fixing our fiscal irresponsibility before it destroys us. We are perilously close – yes, in my opinion.

As America's leaders, our elected officials must now lead by their actions – to share the pain – to not be exempted from it. That was the point of "Dear Uncle Sam".

My hope, with the timing of the opinion, was that more citizens will take it upon themselves to become more informed about what their incumbent and contender candidates – Democrat, Republican or whatever – really believe. We absolutely must be represented by persons who'll make the hard decisions for the future of America.

The opinion wasn't about political parties, protocols, wranglings or even hidden agendas. It was about America's survival!

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