Wow! What A Market Ride!

Nor' east Thinkin'

Remember, what goes up also goes down

Published on: February 2, 2011

 I'd much rather be a forewarner than an "I told you so" rear-window commentator. But you have to wonder when the good times will stop rolling and why we're amid a historic market moment.

Agriculture is experiencing record high grain, beef, pork and wool prices. U.S. farmland prices are exploding to new levels.

I can't explain why milk isn't already on the same wild ride. But if predictions for rising dairy product exports are correct, farm-gate milk prices are likely to follow the farm commodity ride higher.

 Unfortunately, farm input costs – gasoline, diesel fuel and fertilizer – also are heading higher. The grocery bill of every American family will continue climbing.

I believe I know the answer why all this is happening, and we're not going to like the end result. I'll lay it out in my Food for Thought column in March's issue.

I'll also tell you why I believe the farm program, as we know it, will end. As I've said several times, make certain your business can succeed without Uncle Sam's help.

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