Wow! Look At These Corn Yields

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297 bushels per acre is the top all-time corn yield in South Dakota Corn Yield Contest. Check out your district winners, too.

Published on: January 13, 2012

There should have been a big drum roll at the South Dakota Corn Growers Association's annual meeting when they presented plaques to the yield contest winners.

There were some impressive yields in 2011.

The top yield was 294 bushels per acre entered by David Ogle, Harrold, S.D., in a the no-till/strip till category.

But this isn’t the highest yield ever in the contest. Steve Breding, Chamberlain, had a 297 bu/a yield in 2009 in the same category.

SDCGA published a yield contest results booklet and included a couple pages on the Top 10 all-time yields in each contest category.

They were (by category, grower name, town, hybrid, yield and year):

Irrigated – Justin Ogle, Harrold, Dekalb DKC64-79, 291 bu/a , 2011

No-till/strip till irrigation –  Steve Breding, Chamberlain, Dekalb DKC62-69, 297 bu/a, 2009

No-till/strip-till non-irrigated – Brookside Farms, Akron, Iowa, Pioneer 34F07, 262 bu/a, 2010

Non-irrigated – Brookside Farms, Akron, Iowa, Pioneer 33W84, 294 bu/a, 2009

Ridge-till Irrigated -- David Ogle, Harrold, Dekalb DKC64-79, 296 bu/a, 2008

Ridge-till non-irrigated – Scott McKee, Hawarden, Iowa, Pioneer 33@84, 260 bu/a 2009

It was also interesting to see the 2011 winners by district. I noticed the farmers at my luncheon table checking those more closely than the overall winners. Top yields by district gives you an idea of what yields are possible in your area.

Check out the district winners below: