Women Are Smarter Than Men

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As men, the sooner we accept that women are smarter, the better off we'll be.

Published on: November 7, 2013

Earlier today, Holly Spangler wrote a terrific blog post with five photography tips.

Give it a read. You’ll notice I’m the star, albeit in a Barney Fife sort of way, of the second tip. Now, I’d like to give you the “rest of the story.” It’s a great point in how men and women have completely different thought processes.

So, yes, a group of 8-10 women asked me to take a photo of them at Ag Media Summit. I was handed approximately four cameras – three of which were smartphones – for said photo.

And, yes, I originally began to shoot the photo only six feet from the group. Here’s what was going on in my man brain.

The sooner he realizes that mom is the brains of this operation, the better off hell be.
The sooner he realizes that mom is the brains of this operation, the better off he'll be.

Realizing that point and shoot cameras have a very limited flash range, I wanted to get as close as possible to ensure everyone’s face was nice and bright in the photo.

Also, remember, I had three camera phones in my hand. All of which did not feature an optical zoom. Many don’t realize it, but when you zoom with a smartphone, you’re actually just enlarging the existing pixels.

I didn’t want to sacrifice any pixels. After all, that would produce an inferior image. I mean, what if they wanted to enlarge the photo and frame it? And, that is where my stupid man brain failed me.

This group of women already knew exactly what they wanted the photo for – Facebook. So more pixels and a brighter exposure were null and void. None of that really matters when you’re looking at a photo on a smartphone. In this instance, vanity was the top goal, not pixels and flash intensity.

This brings me to my next point – women are smarter than men. They had already cycled ahead to the end game, and I was standing there thinking about technicalities.

And, yes, it’s taken me a while to come to this conclusion. My wife has known this for years. Again, more proof that women are indeed smarter.

I think most women realize this at a fairly young age. It took me nearly 30 years to figure it out. My small consolation prize is many men still don’t realize it. Guess that makes me a Barney Fife in a land of Gomer Pyles.