Why We Love Spring, Early Summer

Nor' east Thinkin'

It has all to do with restoring one's soul

Published on: June 15, 2010

Hearkening back to my farming days, I still get rev’ed up when I see spring springing, and corn stretching skyward to embrace the sun. It’s as if farmers respond to photosynthesis ever as much as the corn plant does.

The only difference is that we respond directly to the sunlight. Corn is a slower processor; it takes in the light during day and mobilizes it at night.

Yesterday, while out roadside crop scouting, I was thinking about that the old adage: “Knee-high by the fourth of July”. It really is old. Today, even corn put in with plow horses has every opportunity to be head-highm, even tassel-high, by the fourth of July.

What a testimony to technology that has unfolded since open-pollinated corn! What a testimony to the unlocked potential within those plant cells! Just imagine what’s still there – yet to be unlocked!

Consider also the scent of fresh-cut hay: It offers more aromatherapy to the people of agriculture than anything that can be squeezed into a can.

And when rising winds waft a coming rain, that, too, is stirs hope. Even cattle and horses go a bit dingy on the eve of an oncoming rain. It’s not just the lightning that charges them up to dash and kick. They sense natural refreshment coming on the breeze.

These are the things that revitalize the spirit of those close to the Earth. And, as the summer days begin to shorten, that uprising of the inner spirit slowly ebbs – in the also natural anticipation of the coming harvest – all part of Creation’s plan.

These are real and substantial blessings on the people of agriculture. These are the things that those far removed from it are missing. And, whether they know it or not, their souls yearn for it.

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