Why God Made a Farmer Transcends Agriculture

Prairie Gleanings

Dodge's Super Bowl commercial speaks to those who still believe in working for a living.

Published on: February 5, 2013

God indeed made a farmer. Except, in my case, he didn't. It didn't make the advertisement any less special.

Dodge Ram's ad was exemplary because it transcends farming, while reminding the world why it's such a noble profession. Some folks didn't care for the mix of old and new machinery throughout the commercial. I'd argue it reminds viewers that farming has always been an honest, hard life, and it still is.

I get to spend a good deal of time on many Illinois farms. I see a lot of these hard-working folks quite often. I feel a special bond with them. Our common bond has less to do with soil, and everything to do with work ethic.

I, like nearly all farmers, still believe in putting in a hard day's work. I feel people in America should earn their money, if at all possible. I don't believe in asking others to do what you won't do yourself. I don't want handouts; and I'm not a fan of pity.

In that brief two minutes, Dodge reminded us that there are still hard working Americans out their. They wear their work ethic on their hands (look closely 42 seconds in).

The tag line at the end, "To the farmer in all of us," isn't about trucks. It's about working for a living, and being proud of that legacy.

So, no, God did not make me to be a tiller of the land, a planter of crops or a caretaker of animals. But, through my father, He gave me the same sort of work ethic.

It gives me hope for this country to see how well received this commercial was. It makes me think other folks are celebrating hard work and dedication to their chosen profession.