Why Did I Buy That Snow Thrower?

Hoosier Perspectives

Does anybody want a brand new one, still in the box?

Published on: March 27, 2012

If you're superstitious, the fact that I bought a snow thrower on sale in early February may be why we haven't needed one since then. We got through winter with just over 8 inches in Indianapolis, and less than that to the South.

It was a difficult decision. There I was in the store to buy something else, with the snow thrower marked down about 30% sitting on my way to buy what I went there to buy, and the store offering an extra 10% rebate on everything bought that day. Naturally, I didn't read the fine print. You only get that 10% rebate if you use it on merchandise in the store at a future date.

My wife was with me. I hummed and hawed. My logic was sound, or so I thought. With my 60th birthday not much more than a year away and my big size, doctors would not like to see me shoveling snow. I don't like to see me shoveling snow. I don't like to shovel snow.

I finally decided that even though we hadn't had much snow to date, it was Indiana, there were six weeks of winter left, I have a big sidewalk, and the weathermen had said we would have snow. How did I know they would later admit they underestimated some of the forces that affect winter, and we would wind up with the fifth warmest winter in Indiana since 1930. It would be since 1895, but somehow they've determined some of that earlier data might be suspect, surprise, surprise, so now they're only going back to 1930 for comparisons.

At any rate, I bought it. I brought it home in the box. I figured when our son Daniel got home at spring break from Purdue he could put it together. Well, then it was above 70 degrees every day of spring break, and it was tough to justify putting together a snow thrower. So it's still in the box. I bought it on sale, so it can't go back. I've still got to figure out something else to buy with that wonderful in-store rebate I didn't realize was an in-store rebate at the time. And it hit the 80's last week-hardly snow weather.

Daniel put things in perspective last week before he went back to Purdue. "Look, dad," he said, "Don't think of it as a bad decision. Sooner or later it will snow, maybe not this year, but it will snow. And you have no business scooping snow off the sidewalk anyway!"

Thanks, Daniel- that's what I thought!