Who's the Dummy?

Inside Dakota Ag

If you're done harvesting corn "on time," maybe you don't have enough corn.

Published on: November 15, 2010

I heard yesterday that there farmer near Fargo, N.D, who have several thousand acres of corn yet to harvest.

The upshot of the conversation was that maybe he was farming too much. After all, if you can’t you couldn’t get your corn harvested by mid November this year when the fall has generally been so nice aren’t you farming too much?

Initially, I agreed. But I’m having second thoughts.

After the last couple wet years, we know it’s possible to harvest corn in December, January, February, March and April in the Dakotas and still get the ground worked and planted next year.

So if you have a $300,000 combine and a couple $100,000 semi-trailers why would want them put it in a shed in November?

Maybe the farmer we were gossiping about wasn’t way behind in his harvest – maybe he’s way ahead of everybody else.