We Could Learn a Lot From Potato Commercial

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Lay's teams up with potato growers to create an exceptional commerical.

Published on: July 13, 2010
A few days ago, I caught the tail end of a great commercial. I had to get on Youtube so I could see the whole thing. You can watch the commercial at the end of this blog.

Basically, it's a bunch of potato growers arguing over where the best potatoes come from. They're standing in potato fields, with a bag of Lay's, tossing friendly jabs at growers from other states.

At one point, a California grower says the best potatoes come from California. The New England grower is quick to respond, "No, not California. Have you seen those guys?"

The commercial is genius for a couple reasons. First off, it shows real farmers in potato fields, with their product in hand. These guys aren't wearing bibbed overalls and hamming it up for the audience.

Second, anyone who has a favorite sports team can relate to their language. They're debating potato quality, but they might as well be saying, "No sir, the Chicago Cubs are not the best National League team."

You get wrapped up in what the farmers are saying. I smiled and laughed at several of their comments. By the end of the commercial, the consumer knows two things: 1. Where their Lay's potato chips come from. 2. What the person looks like who is producing their chips.

These are two answers that production agriculture would like to shout from the mountaintops. And, Lay's accomplished it with a 30-second advertisement.

It gives me a lot of ideas on how ag can make some headway in this image campaign. Incorporating a product is a great idea. Folks can relate to a pepperoni pizza and a two-liter of soda. A consumer can relate to those products, while a hog, dairy cow and ear of corn seem like abstract concepts.

Speaking of a pizza, how about some dairy farmers arguing over where the best cheese comes from? I'm sure we could find at least one northern Illinois dairyman willing to eat a slice of pizza in his milking parlor.

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