Water Rocks! Ready To Inspire Kids Across Iowa

Iowa Farm Scene

Water Rocks! is an ISU Extension program designed to inspire kids of all ages to appreciate water resources.

Published on: September 16, 2013

The team also may bring the Conservation Station in the spring and fall months. The Conservation Station teaches how agriculture and urban areas are connected through water. Its rainfall simulator shows the effects of rainfall on various surfaces including bare soil, no-tilled soil and types of pavement.

In 2014, Water Rocks! will hold a teacher summit for selected Iowa educators and student peer mentors to discuss water education. They will take a kit of the Water Rocks! activities back to use in their classrooms.

Through nature -- Water Rocks! urges everyone to spend more time outside

Water Rocks! encourages everyone to spend more time outside and appreciate Iowa's natural areas. Geocaching is a great activity to do as a family, in small groups or alone. Using a GPS device or smartphone, geocachers seek treasure boxes or caches, hidden all over Iowa. Water Rocks! caches will use riddles and fun facts to teach the participants about watersheds, water quality and the parks. These caches have been placed in 11 Iowa state parks for geocachers to find while exploring these beautiful areas. Coordinates to these caches are on the Water Rocks! website.

Through media -- the Water Rocks! website has videos that remind Iowans why water quality is important

The Water Rocks! website also has videos that resonate with the affection Iowans have for the state. "Treasures of Iowa" and "I am an Iowan" are reminders of how wonderful Iowa is and why water quality is important here. Watch and listen for the public service ads "What's in your water?" on WHO and KWWL television stations as well as on Radio Iowa affiliated stations.

The nationally recognized computer game "Rock Your Watershed!" uses agricultural scenarios to teach the effects of different land treatments. The game recently won national honors from the American Society of Agricultural & Biosystems Engineers. All of the videos, songs and the computer game can be found on the Water Rocks! website www.waterrocks.org. New videos and educational materials will be released on a monthly basis starting in September 2013.