Walking, Chewing Gum Not Always Easy

Kansas Viewpoint

Tripping over a toy while carrying a baby can be a bone-threatening hazard

Published on: December 14, 2011
I have more than once been accused of not paying attention to where I'm going.

On Tuesday, it proved costly.

I was carrying my baby grandson, Dylan, into the bedroom to change his diaper. But I hadn't noticed that his brother had been playing with a small step-stool in the same room and left in the walkway. I tripped over it and took a nasty fall.

It might not  have been so bad had I not had Dylan in my arms and shifted all my weight to the right so I could lift him out of the way of being hurt. I hit on my right knee (already not in such good shape from a fracture in a car accident 9 years ago) HARD!!!

This is not what I need when I'm trying to get ready for Santa and put up Christmas lights. Bum knees and ladders do not play well together.

The good news is the X-ray showed no sign of a new fracture and the swelling is going down with ice, so it likely will be fine in a couple of days. 

That leaves just a reminder for folks of my age bracket -- you don't bounce as well as you once did. Be careful.