Who Waits For Their Birthday Anyway! Part II

Western Ag Vignettes

The shakedown camping trip was a breeze.

Published on: September 18, 2013

It was me smiling last weekend in my little house on the wheelies.

Yes, my first cruise with our new camper trailer went swimmingly, a suggestion of rain that did come with claps of thunder and flashes of light. But in the camper, the rain was no threat as we sat there and looked out  at tent campers with contempt and sarcastic grins. There, only a couple of weeks earlier, stood me in the rain cursing my leaky Coleman.

For we have moved up a notch from tent trash to trailer trash, and we're loving it every minute.

Putting away the tent trailer wet was nothing of the muddy mess of folding up canvass in puddles.

It made the million dollar purchase of our trailer all worth it. Who really wants to get out of debt anyway?

It is a bit of a challenge to back the thing up. I dented the gate of my pickup and my wife, who helps me by standing in back of the trailer screaming, is permanently scarred mentally by the maneuver. I'll learn, though, after running over a few rocks, bushes and bikes.

Believe it or not, five of us had a cozy weekend at the lake in the rig, which we have been challenged by our six-year-old grandson to nickname. He wants name it after Arya, our wild dog, but that was nixed even by his mother. So, we're thinking and some day we will have a name for our go-house. I'll keep you updated, since I know this is news you are waiting for with all the anticipation of learning what they called the royal kid.

One lesson learned: you CAN see through those trailer windows even with the dark shades pulled at night, so before you change from PJs to pants, make sure the neighboring campers have all the kids locked inside.

Perhaps the greatest wonder is that the new Mr. Coffee can be plugged in and a brew heated up right inside without having to go outside to make morning coffee in the cold and wet. To me, it was a miracle moment to hear the perk, perk, perk instead the sizzle of the blue stoneware pot boiling over.

Such are the wonders of modern camping!

Imagine, camping with a heater and refrigerator. Seems almost wrong in the spirit of enjoying the great outdoors, but when you get to a certain age, creature comforts begin to replace what's right to the true camper in the primitive reaches of mountain trails.

Been there, done that. Now it is time for Mr. Coffee and heated mattresses as I sit with my grandchildren at the tent camper table spinning tales of my adventures sleeping on bare ground, purifying lake water in the highlands, and fishing for dinner.

Of course, they will remember little of this as they are mesmerized by their electronic games, only looking up once every March or February from their hypnotic screens.