Virtual Grazing School Offered As Online Video Series

Fodder for Thought

Ohio video series on grazing is next best thing to attending a grazing school.

Published on: June 7, 2012

Being the aspiring grazier and forage fanatic that I am, I'm always looking for new resources and opportunities to expand my knowledge of forage and grazing management.

Whether it is through attending extension field days, a grazing school, reading a book, or following an interesting link to a news article, I feel it is in my best interest to continually do my best to improve my knowledge and skills to become the best grazier and forage agronomist I can possibly be.

Recently I came upon some notably valuable resources that I think worth sharing.

If you have been considering implementing a rotational grazing plan or are a beginning grazier, it is in your best interest to attend a grazing school. The hands-on applied experience that is gained at these events is invaluable and allows participants to experience first-hand how things are done in the field.

While these hands-on experiences are likely the best learning method, many times farmers do not have access to grazing schools in their area or are unable to attend because of personal or work-related reasons.

To solve this problem Ohio State University Extension has released a series of free online video courses of their “Pastures for Profit” grazing school. Pastures for Profit is a comprehensive management intensive grazing (MIG) school that is offered annually throughout the state of Ohio by the university’s extension forage team.

The video series features eight 30- to 45-minute presentations, previously recorded during a grazing school offered in April of 2012. The videos are available for download in mp4 video format and can be streamed using most media players.

The most appealing feature I have found about these videos is that farmers are able to complete them on their own time and information is provided in an easy-to-understand format.

Topics covered throughout the eight video series include evaluation of grazing resources, understanding forage growth, the economics of MIG, forage species selection, pasture fertilization, conservation practices, and pasture layout and design.

While a virtual experience may not fully compare to the real thing, this video series is a thorough introduction into the basic principles of MIG and grazing management. Farmers will be able to gain a solid foundation in grazing principles and begin to seek out more advanced knowledge and resources.

I encourage you to check out this resource. The video series can be accessed here. If you know of any other valuable grazing or forage resources please share them in the comments below.