Video Provides An Inside Look At a Chinese iPad Factory

Prairie Gleanings

China is working hard to surpass the U.S. I wish the same ambition and work ethic existed in America.

Published on: April 13, 2012

When your teenager complains about making minimum wage this summer, have them sit down and watch this video. Even better, have them watch it on their iPad. It's an inside look at a Chinese factory cranking out the best-selling tablet.

Yep, you heard right, these Chinese workers earn $14 per day! If they work hard, they can double their salary in a couple years. No word on how many hours they typically work. If they put in 8-hour days (which I doubt), that comes out to $3.50/hour for veterans or $1.75/hour for new hires.

I’m no supply-chain expert, but it seems like Apple is making quite a profit. The base iPad2 starts at $399. Not to mention, Apple is one of the world’s most valuable companies, according to Forbes.

It’s well documented that family businesses follow a familiar trend. The first generation builds it. The second builds it up. The third rests. And, the fourth sells out. Is America reaching its “sell-out” generation?

I’d wager most Americans by birth feel like they’re entitled to more than these migrant Chinese workers. I once interviewed a missionary who volunteered overseas and within the U.S. She said the poor in America are upset because they don’t have certain amenities, like a nice couch. Conversely, the poor in other countries are tickled to have a sack of grain.

We’ve got it good. Unfortunately, an increasingly smaller portion of the U.S. population seems to realize that. Meanwhile, the Chinese keep plugging away because they want to be as prosperous as us. Unlike here, the entire country of China seems to be on board with that mantra.

If I could send a message to the U.S. masses, it would be “get to work!” To stay ahead, we need to drop the sense of entitlement and garner a new respect for getting things done.