Valley Farm Show

Inside Dakota Ag

How do you know are you in the Red River Valley for farm show? The top attractions aren't what you see in corn and bean country.

Published on: February 25, 2010

Top clue that you are in the Red River Valley for a farm show -- a new Dyna Flo flood pump is on display at the entrance.

This pto driven pump can move 3,000 gallons of water per minute and lift it 15 feet high with ease. That would come in handy this spring if you had to move a lot of water from behind a ring dike or over a road.

Another dead giveaway that you're in the Red River Valley -- Simplot is serving french fries, waffle fries, wedge-cut fries and potato olays from its booth, and the line of hungry and appreciative farmers snakes out into the hallway.

That was the scene at the International Crop Expo which continues today in Grand Forks.

There was some serious tire kicking going on at the show on Wednesday.

I especially liked seeing  the big Twin Master dry edible bean combine from Pickett Equipment, the beefed up potato harvester from Lockwood and the new six-row potato windrower from Spudnik.

Check them out if you get a chance, even if you are not a dry bean or potato grower.

And don't forget the fries.