Uncle Sam Has A Spending -- Not Income -- Trouble!

Nor' east Thinkin'

Uncle Sam mus be reformed or replaced before system failure

Published on: September 3, 2010


How did you train up your children to handle money? You probably counseled them more than once that “You have to learn to live within your means.”

Then after giving that puzzled look, their concentration moved on to something of greater interest.

You’d probably get same exact look from most of our congressmen and state leaders – before their eyes glaze over and their minds shift to topics more important to them.

That “look” means they need to be replaced by someone with keener attention span to their constituents. America has a fast-rising $13-trillion-plus spending debt that absolutely must be fixed if America is going to be the America we want.

The urgency, in fact, is far greater. Our society is nearing a cataclysmic breaking point because Uncle Sam sees unemployment as just a 9.6% unemployment rate. They don’t see the 14.9 million struggling human lives behind that number. They don’t see the other 1.3 million persons making up what’s labeled as “marginally attached” nor the 1.1 million humans who are so discouraged that they’ve quit looking for jobs.

How can we expect the U.S. economy to build any confidence in the future if our government doesn’t lead the way by example? Watch for specifics in November’s ‘Food for Thought’ column in American Agriculturist.

Can’t be done, you say? Sorry, you’re quite wrong. Our neighbor to the north does a pretty good job of living within its means.

So don’t believe anyone who contends the problem can’t be fixed in the near term – term of their office, that is. Their terms likely need to be terminated.

We just don’t have the right people in office to fix it. And that needs to be fixed – now!

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