Today's Grads Need Strong Communication Skills

Northstar Notes

Too often, employers say, new employees are like drones, doing what they are told, without offering suggestions for improvement.

Published on: May 28, 2013

According to the survey, employers said they want college grads to have the following competencies:
•Ability to engage team members during the research process
•Retrieve information using a variety of formats
•Find patterns and making connections
•Take a deep dive into the "information reservoir"

They also want new hires to leave their work stations and make connections with co-workers. They want them to tap colleagues as important information sources.

Employers see new grads as reluctant to push away from their desks and ask questions and talk!

This could be the downside of social media. It is so easy to type and post. It takes more effort to pick up the phone and chat, or to get away from the computer screen and walk over to a co-worker to ask a question.

That's something we all could work on.

Time for me to get up and stretch my legs.

And good luck to all grads looking for summer employment and those first career jobs!