To Counter 'Opponents', Join 'Em

Nor' east Thinkin'

Use environmental and animal welfare zealots' email campaigns against them

Published on: September 12, 2011

As a young man, I tended to join the political party I wanted to vote against in the coming presidential race. That way, I could vote for the weakest candidates in the primary. Follow that logic?

Today, it's even more important to be aware of what environmental and animal welfare zealots are up to. One of the best ways is to get on their emailing lists.

I've been on the Environmental Defense Action Fund's email list – the hairy legislative arm of the Environmental Defense Fund. And, I previously told you about the scare and sympathy tactics being used to get people to rise up in support of much tougher federal clean air standards. Those proposed standards would have hard-hammered livestock operations, dust in farm fields and more.

As you might guess, these activists were livid that with the White House/ U.S. EPA decision to back off the tougher clean air standards. And they began a web campaign to get supporters to swamp President Obama and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson with their diatribe.

Afterwards, Sam Parry, EDAF's online orchestrator, proudly reported that more than 36,000 vented their disapproval to the President that "he was wrong to cave to polluter pressure." Parry concluded that it was an incredible response and urged readers to "prepare yourself for the difficult and all-important clean fights ahead."

Now I wonder: Did my email get through?

Using the EDAF's email form, I replaced the negative subject line with "I'm very pleased with your decision on the smog rule."

Stripping out EDAF's verbose complaint, I inserted in this message: "America is fast becoming a cleaner environment without still more overbearing regulations and still more cost to private industry and the American taxpayer. It's long past time that we slowed the regulatory intrusion, especially when it threatens the economic lifeblood of our society."

You have to wonder if EDAF censored my opposing view, or whether the President and Ms. Jackson even saw it. If EDAF deleted it, they violated my right to express a counter view.

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