A Time For A Magnificent Candidate

Western Ag Vignettes

Can we hope for someone who thinks for us?

Published on: July 31, 2013

Somewhere out there are men and women who truly want to lead this nation to greater times, and who separate the politics from the statesmanship.

America is like a nation in neutral, not advancing to great improvement, but stuck in the mud of politics. In some respects we are moving backward at a time when we should be striding mightily toward loftier world leadership.

Yet, we are a great nation in that we fight our wars for freedom, and not to gain domination over people or obtain their lands. Great, too, because we are a country of benevolence and heart, in that we truly strive to improve the lives of our citizens and others globally.

Our history of welfare speaks loudly of the nature of our national soul, and our heritage of foreign aid shouts that we ache for the deprived and downtrodden everywhere.

Of course we are not united in all these causes, but that is because we are a diverse people with the right to  speak out against that which we feel is wrong. But that we stand together as a nation gives meaning to our United States character.

Defending the greatness of America is all of our jobs, but at the helm are those we elect. Without leaders devoted to the advance of our finest principles, we are a nation of people without representation.

It is a time for magnificent men and women to show us the way.