It's Time To Install Central Air

Badger View

Climate change is real – the growing season in central Wisconsin is three weeks longer than it was in 1950.

Published on: July 15, 2013

I'm not a scientist, but I am 54 years old and I've lived long enough to notice a few things about the weather that have changed during my lifetime. 

*For example, the month of September used to be a transitional month with warm, sunny days in the early part of the month and nasty, cold and windy days by the end of the month. Now, September is often the nicest month of the year in Wisconsin with highs in the 70s.

*"Expo weather" meant it would be rainy, windy and cold during World Dairy Expo the first week of October. Seven or eight of the last 10 Expos have been warm and beautiful – maybe even borderline hot – giving new meaning to the phrase "Expo weather."

*Spring seems to be more of a mixed bag, but many years farmers in southern Wisconsin are able to get in the fields and start planting corn the last week of April and even earlier. When I was a kid, corn wasn't planted before May 1 and most farmers weren't able to start planting much before Mother's Day.

Time to wake up
Climate change is often misunderstood and over politicized. It's time to recognize the science and start to be open to understanding it and end the denial.

"That's the first step if our values include caring about future generations or poor people in developing countries or endangered polar bears," Bland says.

Climate change impacts us too, but for now we have the resources to adapt. Polar bears and poor people do not, and it may prove very costly for future generations.