Time to Dig in the Dirt and Plant Something

Kansas Viewpoint

Warm winter, early spring make annual urges to get planting come early

Published on: March 26, 2012
As a general rule, I make it to Easter before the urge to dig a hole and plant a seed somewhere becomes impossible to resist.

Not this year. With 80 degree days hitting in early March, the trees blooming, the grass growing and the wheat beginning to wave in the wind, it's time.

My kids always make fun of me at this time of year when they say the "farm kid" in Mom sure comes out. But my little grandson, Lewis, got right with the program Sunday when he saw Grandma with the shovel and the starter fertilizer.

OK, so my first couple of holes didn't get seeds, but already up and growing tomato plants. Will this be the first year in three that I actually harvest tomatoes? Time will tell.

Shortly, I'll get beans, lettuce, onions, radishes, broccoli and whatever else I can fit in my tiny spot, planted -- and hope like heck we don't get a late-April freeze that kills off everything and I have to start over.

At least I have only a few rows of garden veggies. Anyone with a section of wheat that is way too tall and way too mature for March has my sincerest wishes for a big sale on Maalox.

I have seen a lot of folks taking chances this week as the fields dry out a bit from last week's rains and my guess is a whole bunch of acres of corn, soybeans and milo are already planted.