Time For An American 'Agrarian Spring' Over ObamaCare

Nor' east Thinkin'

Here's why farmers, landowners and other common-sensed citizens need to rise up and force their congressional reps to kill ObamaCare.

Published on: August 30, 2013

Pundits and experts, alike, wrestle with whether to fix or put ObamaCare out of its misery. But in listening to so many angry, common-sensed people of agricuIture, I believe it's due for a mercy killing.

Here’s why a civilized American version of the "Arab Spring" is necessary to restore this country to "we the people". And, it must reach beyond ObamaCare.

The Affordable Care Act isn't even out the chute, and it's already bleeding red ink – unaffordable. Some politicians want to fix it by increasing taxes and sucking even more away from taxpayer-paid Medicare, just as they did with Social Security.

So, do you really want an out-of-control government to have even more authority over your health care? Do you trust an agency that's bent on fining young people and employers for not buying into the grand plan?

Do you really want IRS to expand its staff to oversee ObamaCare at an administrative cost estimated between $5 billion to $10 billion over the next 10 years? That doesn’t include "discretionary costs", recently pointed out Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Elmendorf. Imagine how much that'll add to future federal budget and retirement funding needs?

But Elmendorf still insists that the costs (and savings) can't be effectively measured for numerous reasons. One is that young people don't want to sign up. Another is that many can't afford the fine levied against them for not signing up. What a way to run a democratic republic!

It’s a job killer

The delayed employer mandate has already proven to be an incentive for companies to dump employee insurance, cut employees or both. And, by the way, ObamaCare's mandate, that a 30-hour work week is now considered full-time, has added more stress on private employers. Note: It doesn't affect federal employers.

Ask your physician about ObamaCare's impact, that is if yours hasn't already retired. New reporting mandates have already pushed healthcare workers to the brink or past the point of dysfunction. Will it get better with the growing shortage of physicians?

So what's your verdict, "Doc" – more budget band aides or amputation?

By now, you've answered all my questions, and have a good idea of what needs to be done. Right?

Somebody has to lead!

Perhaps it's time for another agrarian revolt or to use a newer spin, an "American Spring", led by the common-sensed people of rural America to reclaim this country as a land of opportunity only for those willing to work for it. Let it begin with ObamaCare.

If you're a little foggy on "agrarianism", it's a philosophy that values rural society as superior to urban and holds that farming as a simpler way of life can shape more ideal social values. The first agrarian revolt of the late 1800s involved masses of common-sensed farmers protesting the economic premises of their society that were working against them.

That's why today's common-sensed people of agriculture and small business must coalesce to reclaim America from creeping federalism.

What to do about the 'do-nothing Congress'

We elected what's popularly labeled as a "do-nothing Congress". And, we can un-elect them.

Not all U.S. senators and representatives can be stamped as "do-nothings". But if you let those who fit the label get re-elected, you, too, deserve that stamp.

Don't blame Republicans or Democrats. There's plenty of blame to spread over both sides, as well as the voters who elected them and those who didn't vote. So here's a simplistic, though drastic, solution:

* Tell your congressional candidates to "getting plowing or get out of the field." Make sure they get the message beginning this fall.

* Strongly urge them to change the 30-hour work-week definition back to the traditional 40 hours.

* Seek a promise from them push for and vote for ObamaCare's repeal.

* Strongly encourage them to sponsor legislation mandating that all federal employees and elected officials – themselves included – use the health care program they insist is good enough for all Americans – except themselves.

If they fail to support these positions, do your best to vote them out in 2014 and 2016, and encourage others to do the same.

Watch for the full editorial in October’s American Agriculturist magazine.

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  1. AgMgr says:

    John, don't disagree with your premise. I would suggest coming up with an althernative. Those against Obama care had years to come up with a plan that addresses the self employed such as farmers. Now many have to rely on off farm jobs for decent insurance. This particularly is a problem when all are healthy. Have a spouse or a chlld with a health condition and one sings a different tune as they are left with very high insurance premiums and rejection notices. So, in addition to being "against", how about a plan that helps those farm families with special medical needs?

    • John Vogel says:

      Your concerns are certainly valid. But that's why it's hugely important that we push our elected "Uncle Sams" to come up with a better, more fiscally responsible solution.