Things That Haven't Happened in Awhile: A List

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Harvest is over! And further rejoicing for things that haven't happened in quite some time.

Published on: October 28, 2011
It's Friday, my thoughts are disconnected and the kids are home from school today. Or more accurately, the kids are home from school today so my thoughts are disconnected.

All in all, it feels like a good day for a list.

Lately, I have noticed a few things have been happening that haven't happened in awhile.  Like:

1.         Monday night I cooked meat, potato and vegetable, then we all sat down at the table (that I had to dust off) and ate together. This is because harvest ended last Friday and we no longer need to eat meals that either: a) are served on a bun, or b) will re-heat when John gets in very much later. Rejoice!

2.         John is home at a normal hour. This deserves a separate post because YAY.

3.         I'll start a new blog series in November! Hasn't happened since last November, when I blogged a daily Thanks & Giving post each day of the month. This year: 30 Days of Farms & Families, and it all starts next Tuesday. Check back and see if there's someone you recognize!

4.         My daily lunch packing is down to one or less than one lunch per day. After packing lunches for John daily during April and May, off and on during June and July and daily during September and October, it's usually at about this point in the year when I start to get twitchy and think I might crack like an egg if I have to pack one more. Good thing he finished last week. Now I just pack the occasional kid lunch for school. I can handle that.

Illinois harvest

5.         Comments! We've made it easier for you to comment on our blogs. No longer do you have to register for the whole site. In fact, you can comment anonymously but I'd love it if you'd leave your name. Your comments make me smile. (Also, if you have registered for the site and you login before you comment, it will automatically include your name.)

6.         An Illinois win. It's been three weeks now. Let's hope that happens tomorrow.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Penn State reader here. Love your posts but can not agree with your last point. WE ARE

  2. H. Spangler says:

    Love it, Penn State! I almost included the tale of the Homecoming game we went to a few years ago, vs Penn State and due to some seat buying glitch in my husband's fraternity, we wound up in the Penn State section. I will not soon forget hearing WE ARE PENN STATE, over and over and over. And over! And over.

  3. Anonymous says:

    ILL!!!!!! Roscoe P Coltrane