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Buckeye Farm Beat

Cow tipping tee shirts are a big seller at Port Columbus.

Published on: July 21, 2010

Would you be surprised to hear there is a tee shirt at the Columbus International Airport that is outselling any of the Buckeye gear?

Well, I was.

I traveled to Chicago last month on Southwest Airlines and as I walked by the news and magazine store near Gate 4, I noticed a prominent display of various colored tee shirts that were on sale 2 for $19. One had printed on it “Nothing tips like a cow.” The other one said “National Cow Tipping Champion.” Both also included “Columbus, Ohio,” at the bottom – so you would know for sure where something like this would originate I guess.

I asked the guy at the cash register how the shirts were selling and he said, “Fantastic. Better than any of our other shirts.”

“Better than the one that says ‘Bust the U just like in 02?’ ” I asked.

“Yeah better than any of our Buckeye gear.”

So there I am I am staring in wonder at the best selling tee shirt in Columbus when a couple of college-aged guys -- one with his hat on backwards -- come bounding up and the one with the hat says, “Wow dude check out these tee shirts.” And the other says, “Cow tipping. That is so cool. Remember Jethro from our dorm. He told us he used to tip cows back home in Guernsey County. He said if you got them along the hillside you could roll them all the way down the hill. So cool.”

Well I couldn’t help myself. It just sort of came to me.

“That’s nothin’ dude,’ I added. “I was once at a dairy farm and they were lined up taking their afternoon naps – about 150 of them taking a big old group siesta --  and I give the first one a little push and they all just go down like dominoes one after the other.”

The two sort of looked at me for just a second and the one without the hat says, “No way. That is so cool. I have got to get one of these tee shirts.”

Big seller -- 2 for $19. Just don’t tell PETA.