The Weather Was the Star of the Show

Prairie Gleanings

With highs in the 70s, you couldn't ask for better farm show weather.

Published on: September 3, 2009

With the Farm Progress Show wrapping up on the last day, I've realized something very important. Weather makes a big difference!


Each year, the show is lined with exhibitors. All of which are rolling out new products or upgraded versions. The grounds are always expertly manicured and traffic flow is becoming a fine science at the permanent sites.


However, each year, the weather is the one thing the show staff cannot control (at least to my knowledge). Last year around this time, I was sitting at the Boone, Iowa show, completely drained after two days of heat and one rainy day. It's exhausting to haul a backpack of camera gear through the heat. And, of course, the rain does not play well with electronics.


This year, the cool 70-degree days were an absolute dream. Normally, Decatur summer mornings are a bit muggy, with a hint of the heat to come. Not this week. I've needed a jacket all three mornings.


Another lesson learned: wear tennis shoes. Trust me, work boots are not suited for a long day of walking on pavement. I know, it's hard to believe that walking the world's largest farm show is more like a sidewalk stroll, rather than a trek through a trampled, muddy field.


Next year, we'll be back in Boone. With any luck, the weather will be a gracious host.


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