A Thanks-filled Reminder

Nor' east Thinkin'

We in America have unmatched bounties. Take time to be thanks filled for what you have.

Published on: November 24, 2011

Early this week, I had the privilege and pleasure to sit at a farm table with good friends. And just about all of what we ate was raised on that farm or nearby – even the grape juice . . . not sure about the cranberries though.

It gave me cause to think back about how as a child, I enjoyed the fruits, vegetables and beeves (even an occasional rabbit) of our labors. And sadly, I’ve somehow grown away from that all home-raised diet, lured by store-bought convenience and a life pace that’s too fast.

My big garden is more memory than reality. I still see my two-year-old daughter watering everything in the garden, plus me and herself. Worse, my grandchildren are now being raised one step farther away from the farm. They only know of the big back yard as a place to play – not to grow food.

So maybe it’s time I step in, and offer to plow that back yard, and help teach our coming generation about how to become more self-reliant and to be “Masters of the Garden” instead of masters of computer games.

How about you?

Are you thankful for the simpler fruits of your labors? You likely know the secrets of growing bountiful supplies of foods. Are you passing along those secrets?  

That heritage might well be the best and most valuable gift you can give your future generations. And when you sit down at any holiday table, be thanks filled for all you’ve been given.

Remember: “To whom much is given, much is required.” . . . as it has been ever since it was written in circa 50 AD.

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