Thanks and Giving: Experts

My Generation

Day 26 of giving thanks…for people who know stuff.

Published on: November 26, 2010

I don't know much about corn insects. But this guy does.

I don't know anything about farm accounting. But this guy does.

I don't know the latest growing season trends. But this guy does.

I definitely don't know much about fertilizer supply and demand. But this guy does.

And I can't walk out in a field and diagnose disease, yield or tillage problem. But this woman can.

And every time I call each of them up, they patiently answer my questions with a depth of knowledge that I marvel at every time.

Where would we be without these folks, and the hundreds of others like them, who pursue a passion for a narrow field in agriculture that, when mastered and shared, enlightens the rest of us beyond what we can imagine?

Certainly grateful for each one of them, and the many hundreds (even thousands) more like them.

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