Thank You, School Bus Drivers!

Northstar Notes

When I was growing up, school bus drivers were the adults in charge from the school doors to the front porch.

Published on: May 31, 2013

I know today's bus drivers have their hands when disciplinary problems arise. The best they can do is to tell the offender to knock it off. Then they keep a tally of what happens and who does it, and report it to the school principal. Sometimes, the offending student receives appropriate punishment; sometimes not. I've heard the stories about how parents step in and get their child off the hook because suspension would inconvenience them. And I've heard about the parents who complain to the bus company when their child misses the bus. Really? Ever consider the fact that your kid was hiding behind a tree? Or that he never came out of the house, despite the fact that the bus stopped and waited for him?

After I watched my daughter board the bus these last few days, all I can offer is a heart-felt "thanks." Thank you to all the bus drivers over the years for the good job you have done; for providing a listening ear for a lonely youngster to greeting a half-awake teen early each day with "good morning."

You've transported my kids in sun and snow safely to school and home. You deserve a much needed break from the chatter and the traffic.

May you have a relaxing summer!