Suprise in Huron, S.D.

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People apparently know less about farming than I thought -- a lot less. A demonstration field by the Huron Chamber tries to get them up to speed.

Published on: October 13, 2010

People apparently know a lot less about farming than I thought.

The Huron, S.D., Chamber of Commerce ag committee planted a demonstration field this year to show the public what a difference technology makes in food production.


I thought they were talking about biotech versus non-biotech.


But no, they were comparing growing crops with and without fertilizer, herbicides or the latest plant genetics.The demo apparently made a big impact on the consumers who saw the field during the State Fair.


One woman said she didn’t understand why farmers used chemicals and pesticides until she took the tour. Then it became pretty clear.

The Huron ag committee may be on to something. Folks aren't just ignorant about farming. Most haven't even pulled weeds out of a garden or flower bed. Maybe every town in the Dakotas ought to have a farm technology field.