A Storm Rolls Over the Prairie

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Here, a slide show of a prairie evening as {yet another} thunderstorm rolls across the county.

Published on: June 26, 2013

It was shortly after dinner last night when I looked out and observed a rare light falling on the corn field. A summer storm, no doubt.

So I grabbed my camera and ran outside.

The rain gently fell, and within minutes, a front rolled in. And within a few more minutes, it was black, save for lightning. Here, the shots I grabbed as it all went down here on the prairie.

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  1. Peter Viall says:

    If only people would slow down and observe Mother Nature's wonder, even though we have to put up with the damage that she also causes. Too bad "city" folk don't have the opportunity to see what Holly captured.

    • Holly Spangler says:

      So true, Peter! It's always good to spend a little time outside and appreciate the wonder.