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How auto steer gets you to your daughters’ piano recital on time

Published on: May 21, 2009

Two South Dakota farmers I rode with during planting in South Dakota raved about auto steer.


David Iverson, Astoria, says he doesn’t get as tired, can start and stop planting anywhere in his field and know the rows will match up, and can keep a closer eye on the planter. Spraying for aphids is easier with auto steer, too, because the rows are hard to make out that time of year, he said.


Kevin Scott, Valley Springs, said he likes all those things plus being able to plant at night if necessary. The day I visited it was going to be necessary -- not because he was behind or it was going to rain, but because of something even more important. Two of his daughters were having piano recitals that evening.


So add quality of life to reasons why to buy auto steer.