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Is ag on the verge of a Golden Era?

Published on: November 26, 2012

I can't get over the feeling that we are on the brink of a great agricultural age.

When I look at how the world population is about to mushroom, combined with the fact our industry has never been so technologically tweaked to precision and efficiency, it seems our time has come.

How can it not be so? Food is the elemental essential, and that is what we do. As the global community widens an unprecedented need for protein and fundamental nutrients, our role will become more pivotal than ever as a prime ingredient in sustainability of society itself.

I envision that time is near for the shackles that restrict the powering up of the food machine to fall. In an environment where our commodity will enjoy super-demand, super-supply must be unrestricted.

What that portends is that the regulations and the barriers that impair all-out production and unrestricted distribution internationally will be shattered by the power of sheer hunger.

The American farm, once before the drive wheel of this nation's economy, will return to much of the former grandeur enjoyed with the Congressional farm bloc was the most powerful engine in politics.

What is noteworthy is that this time it will be less than 2% of the population which will be at the wheel of fortunes. The few will take the helm of destiny.

Now, is any of that true?

Fact is, there is some truth in the theory, although theories remain just that: conjectures based on facts.

Yet, the facts – our revolutionary development of industry efficiency, and the pending global food demand spike – dare us to be bold in such assumptions, rather sound or folly.

Dare to be bold in your presumptions. The future is, has been, and will be, yours

Ours is a heritage paved with the fallen barns of the brave who did not make it through the bleak attacks upon our industry, rather from nature, the market, regulatory purges or bad science and misguided environmentalism. Now is the time for our generation to take revenge for the decimation of our industry through unquenchable success.

All of this is nothing more than philosophy, of course. And what I think we need is to inspire a great philos of the farm to rise like the Phoenix. When great institutions like a Golden Age of have passed through great tribulation, a wise old sage or two emblazons the pages of history with philosophical commentaries. Why not so American agriculture, which is indeed an epic industry which deserves its own Plato of Palouse to help us understand the perils and promises of the past and tomorrow?

Such musings of such a guru just might help us pause and find renewal.

But such are the musings of a blogist probably once more missing the mark of the minds which I my goal is to capture and captivate.

Such fun, though, to play these mental games with you, perchance to inspire some world-changing commentary.

Remember always that change is with us all always. Do not fear alterations if alterations are to be found. Welcome new dawns and embrace opportunity.