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A S.D. farmer is going to trial over a small, legal winter feedlot

Published on: February 11, 2009

Jim Hagemann, Winfred, S.D., is going to trial.


A neighbor across the road from a feedlot where he used to winter cows and background calves is suing him, claiming that runoff from lot polluted his land.


The wrinkle in the case is that it’s a small feedlot -- only about 200 head and cattle were fed there before the neighbor bought the ground across the road.


Cattle have probably at the old farmstead for 100 years, Hagemann says


Hagemann’s attorney said in a previous court hearing that the lot met all county and state regulations.


But the neighbor -- a doctor who lives in Sioux Falls -- claims that the runoff reduced his use of his land for recreation, hunting and fishing and reduced the value of the land, some of which is now in the Conservation Reserve Program.


Hagemann has closed the feedlot and moved the cows and calves, but the neighbor wants him to pay for damages and clean up.


Because of the size of the feedlot, the outcome of the case could affect many South Dakota livestock producers.


The trial is March 3-5 in Madison.